Omar gooding dating

09-Nov-2017 18:21

According to one source, Omar, the son of actor Cuba Gooding, frequently plays "Texas No Holdem" in Vegas.

I suspect no wife would be happy with her husband all the time playing cards in Vegas. Someone who might be better able to tell you about what Omar Gooding is up to these days is Walter Scott of Parade magazine's Personality Parade column, which appears every Sunday in most major newspapers.

Brother of Cuba Gooding who hosted the Nickelodeon show, Wild & Crazy Kids and appeared in shows such as Smart Guy, Hangin' With Mr. He was first known as a rapper under the name Big O. He has two nephews named Spencer and Mason, and a niece named Piper. He acted in a season of the series, Deadwood, which stars Brad Dourif.

He played a role on the television series, Deadwood for one season.

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In the same South Central Los Angeles neighborhood, real life is about to crash down on 20-year-old Jody (model/singer/VJ Tyrese Gibson). He's also clashing with his mom's new man, an aging "O.

Meanwhile, Charlottesville Mayor Mike Signer says there is one casualty from the attack.