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11-Nov-2017 09:29

In this competitive climate, you should be able to count on any news organization to report a world-shaking calamity in its broadest contours.So it’s impossible to imagine a TV news outlet reporting in late November 1963 that President John Kennedy’s visit to Dallas had drawn some suspicious activity in the area surrounding the Texas School Book Depository but that, on the whole, the event had marked a significant first step along the path toward reelection for the Kennedy-Johnson ticket.Yet that imaginary report would be roughly equivalent to the work of the market savants who direct programming at the cable business network CNBC. Toxic debt overwhelmed the paper prosperity of the early aughts.Several major investment banks went belly-up, and scores more took on the telltale pallor of the financial walking dead. And there was CNBC’s best-known face of market prognostication, host Jim Cramer, who reported the initial rumblings of the crisis in March 2008 as if he hadn’t noticed a thing amiss: “Should I be worried about Bear Stearns in terms of liquidity and get my money out of there?! Bear Stearns is fine.” Six days later, Bear Stearns was dead, its balance sheets a flood of red ink, its spare parts consigned to the grim-faced government accountants who were to oversee the bailout of Wall Street for months to come.The night before, the iconic Wall Street brokerage house Merrill Lynch was rescued from the brink by Bank of America.And now there are rumors that the financial meltdown could spread to two other platinum firms, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley.

The Dow has dropped nearly 500 points, dragged down by the collapse of Lehman Brothers, the venerable investment bank that has just filed for bankruptcy, and by the news of the growing liquidity crisis facing the insurance giant American International Group. Everyone who saw it remembers what happened next: One of the greatest TV meltdowns of all time. The percentage of "weak," "vulnerable" or "challenged" debt held as assets by US firms has almost arrived at the same level it was right before the 2008 crisis.In the moment, Cramer starts off as if nothing is wrong except for a mispriced stock. Burnett tries to calm him down, sensing early, perhaps before viewers did, that Cramer is going off the rails. Peaks in bad corporate debt crop up at the same time as recessions, as this IMF chart shows.At 41, Bartiromo is a star, the Barbara Walters of business news, and the prize in an expected bidding war when her CNBC contract comes up for renewal.

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She has worked hard, for years, to get here, so the meteoric rise of another gorgeous CNBC anchor, 32-year-old Erin Burnett—“Street Sweetie” to Bartiromo’s “Money Honey”—has everyone talking catfight. It is late in the afternoon on Monday, September 15, and it’s been a chaotic day for Maria Bartiromo.Born in the Bronx, grew up in Westchester County; father a Marine, union iron lather who worked on World Trade Center. Combative on-air, famously interrupted/cut off on "Fast Money" after referring to President Obama as former "community organizer," then "borderline socialist." Sense of humor can be off the charts, says he likes "crazy" things about him on Dealbreaker.

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